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The gods are hungry. Feed them!

  • Sacrifice more items at the altar than your opponent.
  • Throw items at your rival if you see no other way.
  • After the timer ends the gods will weigh your gifts.
  • Beware! The unworthy will pay with his limbs!

Hello everybody. We are Lukas, Fabian and Sebastian combined in a small team of three. We had great pleasure creating our two player hotseat multiplayer game Montezuma’s Revenge. Even if none of us got much sleep the past days. We hope you enjoy!

Grab a friend and try out yourself. Are you worthy?


  • Lukas (theforceluke): 3D Art, Particle Effects, Shading, Level Design, Level Building, Sound
  • Fabian (PowerAnze): Character Design, Character Animationen, Cutscenes, 2D Pixel Art
  • Sebastian (BlackLambert): Programming

Used tools

  • Unity 3D (version 2018.2.18f1)
  • ZBrush
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Asesprite
  • PixiTracker for Android

EDIT: The latest Version is in the Montezuma_FIXED.zip archive. We released it a few minutes after the official LD deadline to include some fixes with the lighting and some cutscenes. HAVE FUN PLAYING!


Montezuma_FIXED.zip (Better Version) 46 MB
Montezuma.zip 57 MB

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